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Body Awareness Intelligence

Body Awareness Intelligence

When the body begins to be a resource for change and growth you have begun to trust and acknowledge the power and influence it has in your relationships, decisons, and personal beliefs.  Most decisions and choices are made cognitively weighing the benefits and outcomes according to your perspective of the world and your place in it.  A deep trust of the body that serves you can be found through exploration, exercises and reflection.  You “sense” how you are showing up when you think about your job, partner, worthiness, purpose, and clarity.  Our body’s are the feedback system for what is working or not in your life on EVERY level.

If you are looking for more connection and intimacy in your relationships, finding your purpose, forming boundaries, being fully expressed or other empowering traits, friending the body as your partner.  Breakthrough coaching sessions and transformation packages will begin the journey you seek and want to feel your way home.  Develop your self-awareness, body awareness and self-regulation abilities and skills in signigantly less time than traditional cognitive coaching methods.

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