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It is a pleasure to be on this life journey with you, exploring where we have come from, the experiences, learning, awakening, and celebrations. Each moment presents an opportunity for us to see ourselves and one another with a different perspective as we grow and evolve. This photo was taken about 4 years ago in Michigan at Breathe Yoga Studio. I had been providing transformational coaching for a few years at that time and incorporating it into my yoga classes and Thai Yoga Bodywork treatments. For me, it’s all about the body. Friend the body and it will show you the way. Our bodies tell us a lot and indicate what changes are needed. Are you listening and observing what is being shared? I was not! Emotions for me were lodged deep inside, nice and safe. I enjoyed my life and more or less accepted what blessings came my way. There was much to be thankful for and the rest, well, ignore it, it’s not that important. My body was slowly at first whispering to me. You do have opinions. You do have boundaries. You do have emotions that want releasing. All of these showed up in my muscles, lack of joint flexibility, and little lines forming on my face. I had so much, yet my soul was crying out to be expressed. The body awareness coaching I received, the mindful body yoga practice I welcomed, the Thai yoga bodywork that helped open up my heart all supported my journey to feel, share, and become more fully alive. I stopped pretending everything was okay. I began to take responsibility for what I was lacking in my life AND what I had created for myself. What a turning point! I am very grateful for my new perspective on life and others. For the courage over fear it took to arrive here today. Six years ago, you would have found me hiding in the background hopping not to be noticed. Today, I take a deep breath, ground myself, and walk towards the life I want for myself. Each day has its challenges. Each day I grow a little more. Each day I awaken to my true self, power, and gratitude for the many who supported me on my journey as well as saw what was possible. I fully embrace my purpose and passion to walk alongside you as you navigate your journey. Seeing what you do not, sharing my tools, experience and wisdom as a Relationship Coach that will enable the change you wish to be in the world I invite you to browse through the pages, feel what resonates with you, share your thoughts and desires, and allow us some time to chat as to what is next for you in a complimentary self-love discovery call. Go on over to the “Contact” tab so we can connect. Namaste y’all from Texas!
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