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Joyce helped me with breathing through a fear of change.  I was to transition into a new job and was so afraid. I realized the root cause of this was based from an early childhood event of a friend moving away, that I shut my heart out and viewed change as hurtful.

Joyce has such a calming and welcoming demeanor.  She opened up our session helping me to be grounded in love.  This set the tone for me to feel comfortable to open up.  Joyce did a great job at taking me back to the event in a way that was not scary, but describing the scene like what I saw around me.   She guided me to identify someone who I trust to tell me the highest truth.  For me, that was my older self.  After I received the truth, she sealed the deal by speaking such beautiful affirmations that went straight to my heart!

As a result of this session, I had a new perspective about starting a new role and new organization with possibility and excitement. It was a powerful shift for me!

Thank you for taking such wonderful notes! I can go back and reflect! Added bonus! She even gave me wonderful notes from our session so I could go back and reflect! 
Again, you followed your intuition so beautifully. I loved how you centered us in the beginning! That was powerful! You definitely have a gift to share with the world so please continue to do this!!!

Patricia H – San Antonio, TX